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The conference seeks papers in all aspects of electrical power, power electronics, renewable energy, motor drives, communication, soft computing and optimization, and intelligent systems. This includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

Track 1 - Electrical and Electronics

Electrical Materials and Process
Electronic Materials and Process
Semiconductor Technology
Power Systems and Energy Engineering
Soft Computing Techniques in Power Systems
Power Electronics & Energy Efficient Drives
Renewable Power Conversion Technologies
Power Quality Improvement Techniques
Electrical Machines and Industry Applications
High Voltage Engineering & Insulation Technology
Lightning discharge
Grounding system
Partial discharge

Track 2 - Renewable Energy

Energy Conversion and Management
Energy Conservation
Fuels and Alternatives
Energy Policy and Planning
Combined and Co-generation Energy Systems
Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Systems
Energy & Environmental Issues
Energy and Sustainable Development
Renewable Energy Technologies
Energy Storage
Renewable Energy Technologies
Sustainable Energy and Technologies

Track 3 - Control, Intelligence System and Robotics

Neural Networks
Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
Genetic/Evolutionary Algorithms
Embedded Real-Time Systems
Linear and Nonlinear Programming
Discrete and Combinational Optimization
Optimization Software and Techniques
Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent Medical Systems
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Intelligent Control and Robotics
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Intelligent Property
Computational Intelligence
Pattern Recognition
Machine Learning
Multi-Agent Systems

Track 4 - Computer Science, Electronic and Communication Engineering

Soft computing in Energy
Hardware/Software Co-Design
Fault Detection and Diagnosis
Design Management
Management Production Systems
Mathematical Models
Big Data Analysis
Cognitive Modeling
Vision and Sensors
Web Intelligence and Interaction
Global Optimization
Control Theory and System Dynamics
Environment and Natural Resources
Data Mining
Learning and Adaptive Systems
Information Technology

Track 5 - Mechanical, Mechatronics and Marine

Mechanical Power Engineering
Robotics & Automation
Mechatronics Engineering
Mechatronics Design
Marine Engineering and Technology
Marine Electrical Technology
Deepwater & Subsea Technology